Dominance of the political factor complicates negotiations on Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement - Patriarch Kirill

The dominance of the political factor complicates the negotiations on Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement,Citing TASS, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow said in a meeting with Azerbaijani religious leader Allahşükür Paşazadə.

“Today we have to discuss very difficult issues, which are on the agenda of religious leaders, but still have different dimensions, including political. Among them, when it comes to overcoming the military conflict, there is a political factor. Sometimes, when that factor is very prevalent, negotiations become difficult’’, Patriarch Kirill said.

According to Patriarch Kirill, the advantage of religious leaders in discussing such complex issues is that they have a common ground.

"Our faith in God and our value system are moral, there is trust in each other, it certainly creates a very favorable environment”, he said.

In addition to the bilateral meeting between Patriarch Kirill and Allahshukur Pashazade, there will also be a trilateral meeting with the participation of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II. The meeting will address Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement.