Azerbaijan's Atrocities

Military prosecutor blames Armenians for mass torture in Azerbaijan army

For the first time in a long time, the military prosecutor of Azerbaijan, Khanlar Veliyev, spoke about the "Terter case."

The "Terter case" confirms the fact that in May-June 2017, hundreds of servicemen were tortured in the Azerbaijani army on suspicion of high treason, and 11 soldiers were killed as a result.

According to Veliyev, the respective investigation carried out by the Military Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan found out that prior to this investigation, physical violence had been used for several days against persons suspected of high treason, reported.

"As a result, one person died before we filed a criminal case," he added, in particular.

Veliyev noted that some others were hospitalized.

"Violence was used against them, most of them were saved," he noted.

Veliyev commented also on the discussions on social media and YouTube channels related to this case. These discussions are mainly organized by Gurban Mammadov, an Azerbaijani lawyer who now lives in London, whom Veliyev called an "Armenian satellite."

"Today, Gurban Mammadov and people like him are still tools in the hands of Armenians," said the military prosecutor of Azerbaijan.