Azerbaijani claims that trilateral declaration provides for withdrawal of Armenian forces from NK is explicit lie – MFA

The Azerbaijani claims that the trilateral declaration of November 9 provides for the withdrawal of Armenian units from Nagorno Karabakh is an explicit lie, reads the statement issued by the MFA Armenia, noting that the Azerbaijani armed forces have intensified their provocative measures during the last days against both the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia and the Defense Army of Artsakh. Civilian settlements of both Armenia and Artsakh have also been targeted.

‘’The Azerbaijani side is trying to hide its aggressive actions, accusing the Armenian side of violating the November 9 trilateral declaration, but on the other hand, openly distorts the same November 9 declaration.

We find it necessary to note that the first point of the November 9 declaration clearly defines ‘’… the sides stop in their existing positions’’. But the Azerbaijani units attacked Hin Tagher and Khtsaberd villages of Artsakh’s Hadrut region a month after the signing of the declaration, occupying those areas, killing and taking hostage Armenian servicemen. At the moment, the Azerbaijani side is again trying to occupy new positions in various parts of the contact line, targeting the Armenian border guards from different weapons, including drones’’, reads the statement.

Underlining that the latest drone incident happened on August 11 nearby Mkhitarashen and Shosh villages, the Armenian MFA emphasized, ‘’The Azerbaijani claims that the trilateral declaration of November 9 provides for the withdrawal of Armenian units from Nagorno Karabakh is an explicit lie. In the existing situation the Defense Army of Artsakh, which was established in 90s by the people of Artsakh and had been a key security factor during the last 30 years, today also ensures the security and right to life of the people of Artsakh together with the Russian peacekeepers. The people of Artsakh cannot survive in its historical motherland without the Defense Army, and the scenario of withdrawing the Defense Army from Artsakh is the scenario of evicting Armenians from Artsakh’’.

The Foreign Ministry of Armenia notes that the November 9 declaration provides for the withdrawal of the Armenian forces only from the regions surrounding Nagorno Karabakh, which is clearly mentioned in the declaration.

‘’The Armenian side has fully implemented this point, while Azerbaijan responded to this act by infiltrating into the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia from those same territories and illegally establishing positions there.

These encroachments on the Republic of Armenia since May 12 have resulted in human casualties and seriously endangered regional security’’, reads the statement of the MFA Armenia, adding that the resumption of Nagorno Karabakh peace process under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs, the full implementation of November 9 and January 11 statements, the elimination of the consequences of the recorded violations, including the unconditional preservation of the ceasefire, the withdrawal of the Azerbaijani forces from the sovereign territory of Armenia, immediate repatriation of Armenian POWs and civilian hostages can create conditions for strengthening regional peace and security.