Azerbaijan Security Council chief: Armenia opposition protesting against peace talks will not achieve its goal

The engagement of Armenian officials in various debates and delimitation and demarcation talks in recent weeks shows that Yerevan realizes that the limit of concessions has been exhausted. This was stated by the secretary of the Security Council of Azerbaijan, Ramil Usubov, in an interview with official media, reported.

"Armenia, which is creating artificial barriers, will have no choice but to give up baseless ambitions and start participating in regional cooperation.

“On the other hand, when it becomes clear that the Armenian opposition, which is protesting against the peace agreements, will not achieve its goal, the number of those who join it decreases. Most of the participants of those rallies are protesting only against the sad social situation of the country.

“Apparently, the Armenian society both wants peace agreements and supports them. We should not forget that during the last [snap parliamentary] elections, the Armenian people have expressed confidence in the ruling party, which has announced that it will start negotiations with Azerbaijan, and not in the opposition, which represents the ‘party of war—the military junta.’ The [Armenian] people have given [PM Nikol] Pashinyan a mandate to sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan; that is, the Armenian people are tired of enmity and want stability," Usubov added.