Military conflicts

Two attacks, less than 12 hours apart, target US forces in Iraq

A day after rumors of an attack on US forces in Syria by pro-Iran militias, the militias made good on their threats with two rounds of attacks on the US in Iraq. During the afternoon, rockets targeted Al-Asad base and by the evening, drones were reported to have targeted an area near the US embassy. 

The attack on Al-Asad base occurred in the afternoon in a rare daylight attack. Pro-Iran militias have attacked US facilities increasingly since 2019, killing a contractor in December 2019 and several members of the US-led coalition in early 2020. The US has retaliated with airstrikes. So far this year there have been some 50 attacks on the US in Iraq, often targeting either Baghdad, Al-Asad base or Erbil. The pro-Iran militias, most linked to Kataib Hezbollah, have increasingly used drones. This is thought to be at least the 11th incident with drones used.