With his provocative statements Aliyev is trying to step back from agreements – Pashinyan

According to Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev wants to step back from the agreements and continue the policy of blockading Armenia by his statements showing aspirations towards the territory of Armenia,  Pashinyan said in a consultation in Syunik Province of Armenia.

''Following the 44-day war, we have some transformations over the security atmosphere in Syunik and this situation grows more concerning in the light of the provocative,  irregular and controversial statements made by the Azerbaijani leadership. I want to draw your attention on the fact that those statements contradict one another. On the one hand the Azerbaijani leadership announces that it has no territorial demands from Armenia, on the other hand they announce about creating a Zangezur corridor by force'', Pashinyan said.

The PM noted that those announcements are provocative and they need to be properly reacted, including through the diplomatic missions of Armenia in international arenas.

''There are no remarks over ''Zangezur'', ''Syunik'' or ''corridor'' in the November 9 declaration. There are remarks about unblocking regional infrastructures and in the January 11 statement in Moscow we clearly recorded that regional communications must be opened. If Azerbaijan is speaking about Zangezur corridor, Armenia can speak about Nakhichevan corridor, north-Azerbaijani corridor, because Azerbaijan can only get a ''corridor''  that will be an equivalent to the ''corridor'' that Armenia will get from the Azerbaijani territory, including through the territory of Nakhichevan'', the PM said.

Pashinyan added that the Azerbaijani leadership simply wants to stand back from the agreements by making such statements, tensioning the situation in the region for continuing the policy of blockading Armenia.