Azerbaijan's Atrocities

Russian MFA Spokesperson on opening of so-called 'war trophy park' in Baku

Russia hopes Baku and Yerevan aspire to achieve normalization of their relations, not discord. This is what Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova told reporters today, commenting on the opening of the so-called ‘war trophy park’ in Baku.

“A tremendous price was paid, human lives…It is necessary to take advantage of the moment of peace and not use this moment to escalate the situation…Yes, it’s difficult, especially after the armed conflict. At this moment, Russia attaches importance to confidence-building between the sides and the formation of a positive economic agenda through which it will be possible to ensure prospects for sustainable development of the South Caucasus,” Zakharova added.

When told that Baku is violating the agreement reached on November 9 by refusing to return the Armenia prisoners of war, Zakharova stated that Russia is actively mediating to smoothen the disagreements between Yerevan and Baku and that the country supports solutions to the problems through the “all for all” formula.